Biomass is the organic material which is used as an energy source. By definition, biomass covers a very broad spectrum of organic materials which are featured by its heterogeneity in origin and nature, including the waste from agricultural, livestock and forestry, as well as the sub-products of agro-food and wood transformation.

The biomass mechanical conditioning is a must for further energy recovery in thermal processes. Solutions offer by Bianna Recycling include all the required elements to obtain a homogeneous fuel in grading and composition from a variety of input materials.

Elimination and shredding of extraneous elements until our clients required sizes are reached are the two basic stages in all mechanical and biomass pretreatment facilities.


Screening and shredding in several grindings and formats (chips or material obtained by shredding) with or without further drying depending on the queue treatment. Separation of inert material and magnetic fractions.


  • Different grindings chips.
  • Pellets
  • Material obtained by shredding
  • Inert material