BDR belongs to the ThermoValue Solutions product range.

Thermovalue Solutions


Thermo Value Solutions designs, manufactures and installs belt dryers that adapt to different processes, materials and humidity ranges. All of them have a series of elements in common: conveyor belt, simple or indirect heating with steam, cross currents, etc.

BDR equipment has the following characteristics:

• Screw motorized feeding system to ensure correct distribution at the inlet.
• Bands of specific* plastic materials for drying (*depending on material to dry data).
• Direct traction for smooth tracks.
• Capture of particles at the gas outlet.
• Material extraction system at the product outlet with humidity controls.

Bianna Recycling offers a series of belt dryers with different widths, lengths and thicknesses of belt. All these points are designed keeping focus on the application of the equipment. Moreover, depends on thermal power direct or indirect, cross or parallel flow of drying gases, kind of material to dry and the amount of moisture to evaporate from the income feed.

Our teams have the latest security systems and accesses specifically designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks.


  1. Controlled feeding system
  2. Conveyor belt
  3. Simple or indirect cross-current steam heating
  4. Extraction system


  • Great control over the result in starting material.
  • Interchangeable drying belts (depending on feed materials).
  • Possibility of incorporating other materials to dry by modifying small parts of the design.
  • CE mark
  • Gas control and treatment machinery if necessary.
  • Security system installed at each access inside the burner and the drum.
  • Remote control to verify performance and adjust parameters.


Length:12.000 mm24.000 mm
Width:4.200 mm7.600 mm
Height:3.420 mm5.420 mm
Weight:17.500 kg97.500 kg
Drying Capacity:1,5 ton. H2O/hour6,2 ton. H2O/hour
Drying area:30 m2120 m2
Web belt:Polyester with small mesh widthPolyester with small mesh width
Thick mesh:15 mm15 mm
Electric Power:100 – 150 kW250 – 380 kW
Capacity:12 tones/hour22 tones/hour