Located in Sulaymaniyah, in the autonomous region of Kurdistan (Irak), the waste treatment plant especially developed for Faruk Investment Group will be treating 80 tons of waste per hour.

Bianna Recycling, has not only taken over the layout, the supply and the installation of a waste pre-treatment and a post-treatment line (classification and crushing), but also the supply of key equipment. For further information:

Bianna Recycling is just about to complete one of the Top Projects in an already challenging 2020. We are talking about the treatment plant of Sulaymaniyah, in the autonomous region of Kurdistan (Irak), the waste treatment plant especially developed for Faruk Investment Group, with a total space of 90.000 square meters (12.000 in Bianna’s area).

The facility, fully designed by Bianna Recycling is a Solid Recovered Fuel Plant (CSR) in which the company has taken on the waste pre-treatment line on the one hand, a process about preparing the material for a bio drying phase, on the other hand a post-treatment line, in which once the material is dry, the required sorting and shredding treatments are carried out. The recovered CSR will be used to cover the energetic demand of a cement factory.

To accomplish this construction it has been necessary to cope with the required civil work (roads, water/ power support facilities, edification…), not only highlighting the technological capacity of the multinational corporation but also a significant logistical deployment of resources and staff. With this project the company wants to emphasize the great atmosphere of conviviality and trust stablished with the customer, particularly important if we take into account all the difficulties coming from the covid-19 outbreak because of the staff movement restrictions occurred in the final stage of the project.

From Bianna Recycling we have implemented a waste sorting line where the process of any material having a size above 120mm is eliminated, as well as the CSR transformation line, where the dry material moves forward to a size-sorting process (screening and shredding) and to a light materials separation.

Sulaymaniyah waste treatment plant, the commissioning of which is expected for October will be treating 80 tons/hour from feeding input. Along with the implementation of different lines, Bianna Recycling has also supplied one of the facility main equipment, so efficiency and durability are guaranteed: four Trommels 2,5 /10/12 y 2 Windsifter WM100.

Endorsed by more than 200 references around the world, Bianna Recycling designs facilities which are fully committed to alternative fuels production for the recovery of recyclable material and CSR production, coming all of them from different waste sources or mixed facilities.

The incorporation of the best technologies available in the shredding and pelletizing area, together with the elements used by cement factories for the consumption of CSR completes de range of Bianna Recycling own products, the aim of which is to provide optimal solutions in terms of production as well as in operating costs.