Under the Smart Plants 4.0 Standard, Bianna Recycling designs your treatment plant in order to obtain up to the minute readings of its functioning, adjusting the most relevant parameters which allow you to be aware of the operating account of the facility.  

Bianna Recycling will present at IFAT 2018 (MÚNICH) an innovative concept which reconsiders the way we get and use information coming from an operating treatment plant.

More control and profitability

Smart Plants 4.0. is a new concept the aim of which is to take more advantage of the information usually obtained from a treatment plant, providing up to the minute parameters readings of a client’s required treatment plant: profitability ratios, volume, incidents, etc. Not all facilities are alike. That’s why design is made according to the most important data for each facility.

How doest it work?

Control sensors are adjusted according to the client’s needs depending on the most relevant ratios of each treatment plant or facility. Equipment sensors replicate data on a plant computer. This information is processed on Bianna Recyling’s cloud and through equations and algorithms we obtain the readings our client needs or requires: repairs, warnings, notifications, profitability ratios, volume…

We are waiting for you in IFAT 2018 to give you more detailed information on this innovative system. Visit our web page and find all the required information about our presence in IFAT: equipment, location, contact, etc.