Bianna Recyling supplies and integrates equipment for rest fraction, light packaging and refining lines at Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex

This is one of the most important plants built in a year in which waste management has emerged as an essential service that cannot be interrupted. The Loeches plant, in which Bianna Recycling supplied and integrated and equipment for the rest fraction, light packaging and refining lines is a case in point. The MSW lines alone will have a treated waste capacity of 70 tonnes / hour, the equivalent of 220,000 tonnes / annum.

The Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex (Madrid), managed by the Mancomunidad del Este (Eastern Madrid Association of Municipal Councils) and ECOMESA (FCC), is amongst Bianna Recycling’s most important 2020 projects at national level. The design and construction of the plant in times of pandemic has made it a milestone, and it has been put into operation in record time despite the difficulties caused by the precautionary measures associated with the health crisis. The fact that it was built and fitted out in 40 weeks, in which we have faced unprecedented challenges, is an extraordinary feat.

We implemented our technology at this complex, where the MSW line is expected to produce 220,000 t/annum of treated waste, the packaging line 13,000 t/annum and the commercial waste line 12,000 t/annum. The Loeches complex is a model facility that puts the focus on maximum efficiency and recovery, and it features the best equipment and most innovative processes in order to reduce landfilling to a minimum.

Bianna Recycling was specifically responsible for the the rest fraction, light packaging and commercial waste sorting lines. The complex has two MSW lines with a capacity of 35 t/hour + 10 t/hour of light packaging waste, while the refining and glass sorting line has a capacity of 20 t/hour. This ambitious, complex project also features the use of robots for waste separation to replace manual sorting carried out by people.

Published in Futurenviro – December 2020

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